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Good For What Ails Ya'

answers to all of life's little questions

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Do you have a problem? Do you need advice? Are you tired of getting the same tired old answers to your questions time and time again?

Then you, my friend, have come to the right place. Welcome to Good For What Ails Ya'. Here at G4WAY, you can seek advice the likes of which you will find nowhere else: not from your friends, not from Dear Abby, not from the shirtless guy that sells you your drugs...nowhere!

Our panel of "experts" are prepared to help you with any problem. Do you want to know the best way to ask out a co-worker? Do you want to know how to tell your best friend that you nailed his sister? Do you fear that your gay lover may be a closet heterosexual? Do those pants make your ass look fat? G4WAY can answer all these, and more!

The rules are simple:
1) Join the community.
2) Post your dilemma.
3) One, some, or all of our panel of "experts" will respond to your post with the advice you so desperately seek.

Feel like adding comments of your own? Go ahead. Just keep in mind that G4WAY endorses only that advice given by its panel of "experts."

If you enjoy Good For What Ails Ya', please visit the personal journals of our panel of "experts":

DSCLAIMER: Neither Good For What Ails Ya' nor its panel of "experts" shall be held responsible in any way for any negative circumstance, real or imagined, caused as a result of following the advice found herein.

For your convenience, we have provided THIS SPONTANEOUS ADVICE GENERATOR. So if you feel safe entrusting your fate to the machinations of a...well...a machine, then feel free. But it can never love you like we do.